Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pictures Of My Vagian Am I Allowed To Put Pictures Of Famous People On My Myspace?

Am I allowed to put pictures of famous people on my Myspace? - pictures of my vagian

Hello! Well heres the deal, is a bit funny lol. I wonder if I can post a photo of a celebrity in my Myspace. I want a picture of Mila Kunis on MySpace as a girl of my dreams, lol, and I wonder if I have problems for them. As I read that you can not bring a written copy of the photos on MySpace. So please help!


jeremyj3... said...

I'm pretty sure sure:).

♱Rainbow Gal♱ said...

Yes you can! Do not worry, if MySpace is owned by you, it can usually be used, but if you have a picture of it does not, then you should be good!

Tarzan said...

If you took the photo of you, then the work of another person. Who will be automatically protected in your name and you are not eligible if they can use the picture.
To complicate the issue, even if it took a photo of himself when a picture that clearly identify a person, that person can come to the invasion of privacy. You have no right to publicly display the images of people who give you the right to do so.
This is a general statement and may, in the jurisdiction where you live to be applied, you should check the law in your country. However, it is always the same policy, regardless of the law. Obviously there are exceptions to the rules of public life and the transmission of messages, so that it never quite black and white or yes and no.

Sheila said...

As long as you do not charge to earn admission or money and the image is displayed a photo yet ... go for it.

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